The Future of Music and the Music Business

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Lesson 1: Music Industry Overview

  • What Is the Music Business?
  • What a Major Label Offers
  • What an Indie Label Offers
  • Record Company Expenses
  • Overview of Copyright
  • What Is a Music Publisher?
  • Touring and Merchandising

Lesson 2: The State of the Industry Today

  • How Is the Business Doing Overall?
  • Visualizing the Recording Business
  • The Truth About CD Sales
  • Indie Label Perspective
  • A Broken System for Artists
  • Problems with Copyright in the Digital Age
  • Music Licensing

Lesson 3: The Flow of Money

  • Money Flow in the Industry
  • Legitimate Digital Downloading
  • The iTunes Model
  • Models That Will Continue to Work
  • Music Business versus Record Business

Lesson 4: Marketing and Promotion

  • Word-of-Mouth Promotion
  • Radio
  • Alternative Radio Broadcasting
  • Marketing and Promotion Methods: Freebies
  • New Forms of Promotion
  • The Psychology of Sharing Music

Lesson 5: Distribution

  • CD Sales
  • CD Pricing
  • Local Retailers
  • Online Digital Distribution
  • Comparing Online Retailers

Lesson 6: Artist/Writer Perspectives

  • Interviews
  • For or Against File Sharing?
  • Putting Your Money Where Your Mouth Is
  • Emerging Artists
  • Artist Point of View

Lesson 7: Customer Perspectives

  • Kids Today—Shifting Perspectives
  • What Do the Numbers Look Like?
  • What Do the People Say?
  • How is Music Discovered and Acquired?
  • Your Perspective as a Customer
  • The Future Relationship between Fans and Artists

Lesson 8: New Business Models

  • How Has the Music Business Adapted to Change in the Past
  • Recorded Music Pricing Models
  • Track or Subscription
  • Licensing the P2P Networks—The Utility Model
  • MTV Future of Music

Lesson 9: Impact of Technology

  • Historical Perspectives
  • Adapting to New Technologies
  • The Ravages of Free
  • Legitimizing P2P

Lesson 10: What to Do If You Are an Artist/Writer

  • What Do Artists Really Need?
  • Elements of Success
  • Do It Yourself (DIY)—Because You Always Had to Anyway
  • Attracting Attention to Your Band
  • How to DIY
  • Creative Ways to Make Money
  • Checklist for Starting Your Own Musician Business
  • Challenges of Alternative Revenue Streams

Lesson 11: What to Do If You Are on the Business Side—Part 1

  • New Ways of Promoting and Marketing
  • Lessons from the Adult Entertainment Industry
  • New Business Models
  • Business Planning

Lesson 12: What to Do If You Are on the Business Side—Part 2

  • New Century Business Model
  • What to Do If You're a Record Label
  • What to Do If You're a Publisher
  • New Technology Makes for New Opportunities
  • Ideal Future


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